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WWE Raw And Smackdown LIVE Recap (Videos)

Another week of WWE action and again WWE Smackdown Live turning out the better show with more action and less fluff than Raw.

Best part of RAW was the cruiserweights battling to see who would be the number one contender for The WWE Cruiserweight Championship held by TJ Perkins. Brian Kendrick won the match and battles TJ Perkins at Night Of Champions. I hope Kendrick wins as he’s a veteran who deserves a good push. 

Night Of Champions….Eh….I know Kevin Owens is going to keep the title as he just won it and makes a great heel champion and its better for Seth Rollins to be in  chase for awhile , until he goes against HHH probably at Mania….I’m not really looking forward to Night Of Champions as its just a EH card..Come on WWE start picking up the pace or you are going to be left behind, from the WWE Universe having WWE overload.

Here are the highlights : 



Glozell On A New Episode Of South Beach Tow On 11/19/2014

The awesome YouTube sensation Glozell, will be guest starring on a NEW episode of “South Beach Tow” on Wednesday night November 19th on Tru TV . Glozell is hysterical and I can’t wait to see what she is going to do with the gang from South Beach Tow.  Here are some sneak previews of Glozell on the show :