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Chewbacca is tweeting the original Star Wars script

Star Wars first draft script is being tweeted by Chewbacca (WiredUK)

So, you’ve seen The Force Awakens, Episode VIII has only just begun filming, and there’s still 10 months until Rogue One arrives in cinemas. How to scratch that Star Wars itch in the meantime? Well, how about poring over the script for the movie that would become A New Hope?   Actor Peter Mayhew — better known to fans as Chewbacca — is posting pages from George Lucas’ first draft at Star Wars, when it was known (awkwardly) as “The Adventures of Luke Starkiller as taken from the ‘Journal of the Whills'”. While looking over a genuine cinematic curiosity is interesting enough in its own right, it’s the prelude to something potentially bigger, too.   “Starting today I’ll post a few pages from my original Star Wars script each day leading up to a big announcement,” Mayhew teased on Twitter. With only two pages (and the cover) of the coffee-stained “Whills” script posted, there’s no clue yet what that announcement might be though.   Read more : Click here to read more >>>>>   Original_DroidsOriginal Droids   Ralph McQuarrie’s original designs for C-3PO and R2-D2 are as different as the script Mayhew is tweeting out. Lucasfilm / Disney


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