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WWE RAW Results 8/8/16 (Videos)

Another Monday and another Monday Night Raw…and recently its been more like Monday Night Eh….I think the WWE and RAW are still trying to find their way around with the new era and also the brand split. Some of Raw was very good especially the Rusev Vs. Cesaro match, cause Cesaro is so damn good he could make anybody look like a superstar. 

Despite the lackluster RAW i’m looking forward to Summerslam in two weeks from The Barclay Center in Brooklyn. Summerslam is going to be a good show as they have some interesting matches going on especially Randy Orton Vs. Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins again Finn Balor.  I will be LIVE at RAW in Brooklyn at Barclay Center on August 22nd. I will be Periscoping LIVE from there as much as i can , so make sure YOU follow us on Twitter and Periscope @SternFBSuperfan . Here are the RAW highlights : 


Superfanworld Comedy Night In NYC (Review)

What a fun night in NYC on August 7th at The Broadway Comedy Club with the Superfanworld Comedy Night !!!!

Awesome comedians that killed that night were Matthew Mendillo, James L . Mattern , Mike Morse , Mark Lawrence and the headliner Mario Saenz. Everybody laughed their heads off with all the comedians just kicking ass . 

Howard Stern wackpack in attendance were Fred The Elephant Boy, Medicated Pete and the one and only Sour Shoes….. Sour performed during the night and you can see the FB Live video Here : SourShoesLive

Its been a long while since we did a Stern Fan get together and it felt nice to see old and new faces in the crowd all having fun and enjoying the night. There will be more events and fun!!!!

Here are some pictures from the night : Make sure YOU follow us on Twitter @Sternfbsuperfan and Instagram @superfanworld and of course Stern Facebook Superfans 









Chewbacca is tweeting the original Star Wars script

Star Wars first draft script is being tweeted by Chewbacca (WiredUK)

So, you’ve seen The Force Awakens, Episode VIII has only just begun filming, and there’s still 10 months until Rogue One arrives in cinemas. How to scratch that Star Wars itch in the meantime? Well, how about poring over the script for the movie that would become A New Hope?   Actor Peter Mayhew — better known to fans as Chewbacca — is posting pages from George Lucas’ first draft at Star Wars, when it was known (awkwardly) as “The Adventures of Luke Starkiller as taken from the ‘Journal of the Whills'”. While looking over a genuine cinematic curiosity is interesting enough in its own right, it’s the prelude to something potentially bigger, too.   “Starting today I’ll post a few pages from my original Star Wars script each day leading up to a big announcement,” Mayhew teased on Twitter. With only two pages (and the cover) of the coffee-stained “Whills” script posted, there’s no clue yet what that announcement might be though.   Read more : Click here to read more >>>>>   Original_DroidsOriginal Droids   Ralph McQuarrie’s original designs for C-3PO and R2-D2 are as different as the script Mayhew is tweeting out. Lucasfilm / Disney


One Week To Go Before New York Comic Con !!!!!

WE are one week away from the start of The New York Comic Con at The Javitz Center in NYC.  If you can’t be at the CON of the year, don’t worry Superfanworld.com has you covered!!!…WE will have pictures, videos and LIVE periscopes throughout the four day event. Make sure YOU are following us on Twitter and Periscope @sternfbsuperfan .  WE will have pictures and videos and LIVE streams from the con and many of the after parties!!!!!! Make sure you bookmark the site, so you don’t miss anything about the CON of the year!! See you all there!!!!!



Superfanworld is NOW on Periscope And Meerkat!!!!!


There has been tons of buzz in the entertainment and technology news about two pretty new apps that take streaming video to the next level.  Meerkat and Periscope  are social networks with VIDEO and they are both addicting!!! The streams on both platforms are fun to watch and are totally interactive. Superfanworld.com has joined both and we have already streamed video on both and will be doing a lot more. Both applications support Ios and Android platforms.   We have a lot of good ideas on what kind of videos we will be streaming LIVE to the superfans!!!! Just follow @Superfanworld on both apps!!!! Here are the links to download both : 




WTF!!!!!!!! Facebook


A few days ago , Facebook decided to shut down WTF Magazine Facebook page without a word of warning or anything.  WTF Magazine was a super popular page of memes and popular videos on Facebook for the last 4 years and had 2.1 million +  fans and was founded by Jason Fyk WTF magazine’s CEO and Founder.  Nothing was said to anybody on the reason Facebook decided to shut down the page, they always played by the rules of Facebook and still got shut down. WTF Magazine had a huge reach and was ranked number 5 in all pages on Facebook, and still Facebook decided to shut it down.  WTF Magazine is a multi-million dollar social media based entertainment company which employed dozens of people , who are being helped out by Jason Fyk until WTF Magazine can rebuild. It is really scary that we are all at the mercy of the almighty Facebook. At any drop of a hat or if a Facebook moderator has a bad day , all of our work on Facebook could disappear fast and that is scary. I’m sure WTF  Magazine will rebuild , and be better than ever , but Facebook should have a way where at least the page admins are told why their page was taken down. Get it together Facebook and good luck WTF Magazine in rebuilding, we are behind you one million percent , if there is anybody and any company that can get out of this and rebuild bigger and better it’s Jason Fyk and WTF Magazine  . Here is the link to the new WTF Magazine page and their website : 




Mr. Pickles The New Show On Adult Swim (Review)

There is a new show called “Mr. Pickles” on Adult Swim on The Cartoon Network, that is the most vile , nastiest show on TV and I love it !!! It is a story of a dog in the same league of Lassie, but this time Mr. Pickles is a satanist murdering dog.  The animation is crude and funny and the show reminds me of the old Lassie tv show of the 60’s with a sick edge to it. Check it out on Adult Swim on Sunday nights , and online at Adultswim.com . Here is a preview of one of the episodes of Mr. Pickles.