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Goldberg Vs. Lesnar Happening At Survivor Series?????


They say that when there’s smoke, there’s fire. Over the summer, Goldbergwas revealed as the pre-order exclusive for WWE 2K17, which was followed by a nonstop media blitz from the former WCW Champion that continues to this day. Heck, even we interviewed the guy. Goldberg was adamant that he has plenty of matches left in him. Earlier in the summer he also called Brock Lesnar a genius and said he’d love to face him again.

Now we know there’s a pretty good chance there will be at least one more match for Goldberg. It looks like WWE has inked a rematch to one of the most infamous matches in WrestleMania history: Goldberg may be facing Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series.

Jim Ross has multiple sources telling him the same thing, and I’d say Jim Ross is among the more connected among us, when it comes to people in the know. The two men have only met once before: at WrestleMania XX, where it was well-known to the fans in attendance that it was both men’s final night in the company. What followed was one of the strangest matches in front of one of the most hostile crowds in recent memory. Goldberg won that match, but now there will be a second installment … 12 years later.

Survivor Series takes place on November 20 in Toronto. Here is the full match of their first match at Wrestlemania……..


Alberto El Patron WCPW Debut Promo (Video)

Once again former WWE superstar and world champion Alberto Del Rio has left the WWE for WCPW and is using the name Alberto El Patron. Del Rio had two run with the WWE and the second run was a dud, as the WWE didn’t know what to do with him. The WWE tried to put him in the League Of Nations team but that ended with a dud also. Del Rio is a very talented superstar and I hope they treat him well in WCPW and wherever he ends up next. But if those don’t work out he always has WWE diva Paige to come home too….Lucky lucky man…..


The Most Patriotic Wrestlers Ever !!! (Videos)

On this fourth of July weekend, we wish all our great superfans a safe and happy fourth of July.  Here are some of the most patriotic wrestlers and most patriotic moments in wrestling history…Enjoy 

I always loved the one and only Sgt. Slaughter even when he turned on America and joined the Iraqi movement, he was always entertaining in the ring and one of the most patriotic wrestlers of all time : 

Another patriotic wrestler is definitely the one and only Kurt Angle. Kurt has always been entertaining since his entrance in WWE. I hope Angle comes back to the WWE at the Royal Rumble in 2017 : 

Another patriotic wrestler is the one and only Hacksaw jim Duggan. Hacksaw always stood for the truth, justice and the American way with his trusty 2 X 4. USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

One of the most patriotic wrestler back in the day was Lex Luger and his Yokozuna slam during the fourth of July weekend. Luger was one of the most popular of his time and is a definite hall of famer : 

Hulk Hogan a total legend and whether you like him or hate him , he transformed wrestling forever in WWF and WCW. Nobody was more patriotic than Hulk Hogan with his saying the prayers and eating the vitamins.  Hulk Hogan a real American.



WWE Raw Recap!!!! 4/4/16

Heyyyy Nowwwww welcome back to the WWE Raw Recap for Monday night April 4th 2016.  Raw was really good, as it always is good for the night after Wrestlemania. Vince Mchmahon put his son Shane in charge of running Raw for the night. Shane ran Raw awesomely and Raw for the night pretty much became Raw The Next Generation. 

A lot of debuts and returns last night on Raw. Apollo Crews and Enzo and Cash made their WWE Raw debuts last night and with these guys the future looks bright.

Video Game 728 x 90 Banner
Raw ended with a fatal four way match with Kevin Owens VS. Chris Jericho Vs. AJ Styles Vs. The returning Cesaro. This match was for the number one contender for Roman Reigns title. It was good to see a number one contenders match again in the WWE, its been way to long since they uttered those words in a WWE ring. AJ Styles surprised everybody and won the match. Now we will get AJ  Styles Vs. Roman Reigns. Now my question is who will be the heel??? and will we see The Bullet Club make its debut???? Questions questions questions, hopefully we will learn more in the upcoming weeks. Well I’m out of here…….Here are some more highlights of a fantastic Monday Night Raw : 


Wrestlemania 32 Predictions !!!!!!

Heyyy all well its that time again….Time to try to figure out where the WWE is going with Wrestlemania. What a night with NXT last night, it was epic two and a half hours that flew by super fast . Every match but the Austin Aries match was awesome, the Aries match wasn’t that interesting, but Aries is a great performer he  just needs a little bit of WWE style…Well lets get to the Mania predictions : 

Andre The Giant battle royal : I think Kane might take this one as they have been hyping him up and it would be a good send off as he’s got to be close to retiring soon. If not Kane, then I see John Cena coming back and winning the battle royal or Cesaro. Time will tell…..

IC title ladder match : I think after last night’s NXT performance , the WWE has to give it too Sami Zayn. Zayn is a master storyteller in the ring and with a Zayn win we are guaranteed a few Zayn/Owens rematches!!!!!!

Dean Ambrose Vs. Brock Lesnar :  Ambrose needs this win as he will be pretty much buried in mid card status without it. Lesnar could lose and still always be the monster.  I’m going Ambrose!

Shane Vs. Undertaker : Not sure where the WWE is going with this, and I never can trust ANY Mcmahons. So I think a Shane Heel turn is coming or some kind of interference in the match will happen with either Cena or Sting that sets up a Mania match next year with Taker. This is going to be interesting to say the least.

HHH/Roman Reigns : We are destined for a Roman Empire whether we like it or not. Reigns will win the title and keep it a few months until Rollins is back 100% healthy. 

Well there, you go that is my predictions on Wrestlemania 32. I so love Wrestlemania weekend its like a long holiday weekend. I didn’t include every match on the card, but these are the ones I am looking forward the most. Everybody enjoy the show, and WE will be back following Mania with our thoughts of the Grandaddy of them all !!!!!!!!