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Remembering Muhammad Ali !

Legend is a word that is thrown around a lot and often misused on some individuals, not Muhammad Ali. Ali transformed the world of boxing and entertainment forever. Ali passed away early today at age of 74. I was still quite young when Ali fought, but I enjoyed his cockiness and bravado in the ring and his interviews. He made you watch it, he got you pumped up and excited.  So, many of the new fighters and entertainers should just watch Ali interviews to learn how to be exciting. Mayweather just flaunts his wealth around with his money stuff, its boring and looks fake. The world of boxing unfortunately is almost a dead sport, with no real breakout stars and also the rise of MMA and Professional Wrestling.  If boxing had a star like Ali, now it could rise again .  Ali was controversial and spoke his mind, and I wonder if a Ali today with our out of control political correctness would have survived.  That is why is was so sad, to see Ali in his later years his body ravaged by Parkinson’s disease. You knew Ali had so much more to say and do , but his body wouldn’t let him.  We need a Ali now to speak his mind whether you like it or not . Ali’s memory will live for ever as he truly was The Greatest Of All Time. Thank you for the memories champ and say hello to all the greats like Joe Louis and Joe Frazier. I’m sure they are having the ultimate battle in heaven right now. Here are some of the greatest clips of Ali : 


WWE Raw Recap 3/7/16


Shane o mac returned to Raw again and took out some security, his dad Vince had come out and take Shane out of his ring. Shane still has his moves, and the match with The Undertaker is going to be intense, I don’t know how the WWE is going to finish this story at Mania. One time I see The Undertaker win then sometimes I think Shane might win and we get the WWE attitude Era 2.0 back on Raw….Time will Tell……

Sami Zayn attacked Kevin Owens tonight, and hopefully this leads to a one on one match at Wrestlemania between the two. If WWE has them fight, this might be the match of the night at Mania……

Y2AJ exploded tonight with Jericho attacking AJ Styles. Jericho is a great heal and this should be good…..This will be a great mania match, but I see AJ winning as Jericho usually loses at Mania and then leaves. He’s great at getting guys over, and i’m sure he will bring AJ to the next level.

The Big Boss Man was the next name to be inducted into the WWE HOF…..Been a long time coming, as The Big Boss Man was a great legend.  Wish he was alive to see it though…….Hopefully he is smiling from up above.

The main event was Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt……It was just ok, the crowd really wasn’t into it that much and was pretty quiet in it. WWE pushes Wyatt and all and then he loses  Ambrose was attacked by the Wyatt family at the end. HHH then came out and teased a fight with Bray Wyatt, who I would love to see against The Game, but at the end Ambrose knocked HHH out , which means HHH walks out of Roadblock the champion. Not a bad Raw, but just Eh, hopefully as the weeks dwindle down for Wrestlemania, Raw gets better.  See you next week!!!



The New Day Rocks (Videos)

At first I was turned off by The New Day , as just another boring gimmick from the WWE, but they have turned me into a full fledged fan. Their dancing and singing and just acting goofy makes wrestling and especially the WWE fun again, and they can back it up in the ring too. You have to tune in every week to see what is next with The New Day…..So lets go New Day Rock!!! New Day Rocks!! New Day Rocks!!!!