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WWE RAW 4/17/17 Recap (Videos)

Monday Night Raw on April 17th 2017, was a really good show. WWE has been getting it right, with the superstar shakeup on Monday Night Raw.  Monday saw Cesaro battle Jeff Hardy in a really good match-up and Braun Stroman Vs. The Big Show which ended when the ring collapsed. WWE Payback in about two weeks, looks to be a really good show and signs of things to come this coming season in the WWE . Here are some of the highlights of RAW!!


WWE Payback Recap And Review !! (Videos)

The WWE held their latest PPV last night and the show was top notched from start to finish. The PPV started off a new generation in the WWE and the future looks bright. 


The WWE started off with a scary spot, when Enzo Amore half of the tag team of Enzo & Cass slid into the top rope and fell unconscious from the ring. People say that wrestling is fake, but the  risk is real . Luckily after being taken to the hospital Enzo was released with a concussion. 

The Miz Vs. Cesaro : Another exciting match from start to finish, and I like that they left it open for Extreme rules with Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens in the mix of it all . 

Roman Reigns Vs. AJ Styles : Both men went the distance, and Roman got props from the fans and foes alike for going the distance with Styles. We all knew that Styles, was too early in his WWE career to win the title, but this was a good buildup for Extreme Rules show.  If the WWE keeps Roman Reigns like this indestructible animal they are making him out to be, I think he can win the naysayers over eventually. 

WWE Payback was a good beginning of the NEW generation in the WWE. I’m excited to see where the WWE takes it from here. I just hope the WWE doesn’t screw it up……See you after Monday Night Raw tonight with our Raw Recap….See you in the ring!!!



WWE Payback Preview 5/1/2016

The WWE  PPV is tonight on May 1st. 2016 ….Here are my preview of the WWE PPV Payback :

Cesaro Vs. The Miz : I would like to see Cesaro win but I like this feud and I think the WWE will keep this feud going until probably Summerslam. The winner will be Cesaro by the DQ.

Zayn Vs. Owens : I think this will be a long time feud, as we all know that Zayn/Owens can go the distance.  I want to see more matches between these two. This match will be a DQ.

Charlotte Vs. Natalya  : Bret Hart will be in the corner of Natalya and of course Ric Flair will be in the corner of the ladies champion Charlotte.  I think Charlotte will keep the championship, Natalya is good but she is not championship material.  The winner will be Charlotte. 

Dean Ambrose Vs. Chris Jericho :  Dean Ambrose is great in the ring, but I think he will not win over Chris Jericho.  The winner will be Chris Jericho.

Roman Reigns Vs. AJ Style : I think this good feud, is a good feud but I hope its not too early for a championship push for AJ Styles.  AJ Styles is a good wrestler , but I think Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson will turn on AJ, as they are acting too friendly to AJ , and will cause AJ the title. The match will end in a DQ, with outside interference by Gallows and Anderson. 

So, that is my predictions of WWE Payback that airs tonight on WWE Network. I like that the WWE is stepping it up with the new talent, and excited to see where they take it. Hopefully WWE keeps Shane in charge or RAW and maybe make The Authority in charge of Smackdown, which will lead to a NEW WWE draft. We will be back after the PPV tonight, with a WWE Payback recap. See you in the ring!!!


WWE RAW Recap 4/25/16 !!!!

The WWE had their PayBack go to show as WWE Payback airs on the WWE network this coming Sunday. The show was just “Ok” for a Monday Night Raw.  I like the build up with the AJ Styles Vs. Roman Reigns, but I hope this isn’t don’t too fast as AJ just started in the WWE. I am excited to see the match, but maybe its too early to get a championship match.  Here are some of the highlights : 

The WWE also had a tribute to Chyna , I think the tribute was pretty cold considering the other WWE tributes that the WWE has done. I know the WWE has had a bad relationship with Chyna, and this seemed like a rush job. Chyna deserved better!

Well, that is all we have for now, WE will be back after WWE PayBack for the recap of the latest PPV show on WWE Network….See you in the ring!



WWE Raw Recap 4/18/16 (Videos)

We are back with our RAW Recap for April 18th 2016. Raw originated from England and it was a good RAW but not great RAW.   

Roman Reigns got attacked by The Bullet Club, but AJ Styles , said he was not involved and did not know about the beat down on Raw. 

This was the best part of Raw last night and I think Gallows & Anderson will turn on Styles, and with Roman Reigns will be the new leader of The Bullet Club…….Time will tell at WWE Payback…..See you again, next week.