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WWE RAW Results 8/8/16 (Videos)

Another Monday and another Monday Night Raw…and recently its been more like Monday Night Eh….I think the WWE and RAW are still trying to find their way around with the new era and also the brand split. Some of Raw was very good especially the Rusev Vs. Cesaro match, cause Cesaro is so damn good he could make anybody look like a superstar. 

Despite the lackluster RAW i’m looking forward to Summerslam in two weeks from The Barclay Center in Brooklyn. Summerslam is going to be a good show as they have some interesting matches going on especially Randy Orton Vs. Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins again Finn Balor.  I will be LIVE at RAW in Brooklyn at Barclay Center on August 22nd. I will be Periscoping LIVE from there as much as i can , so make sure YOU follow us on Twitter and Periscope @SternFBSuperfan . Here are the RAW highlights : 


WWE RAW Recap 5/09/16

jerichojacketWE are back with a new edition of the WWE Monday Night Raw Recap and this RAW was pretty much like the few RAW’S these past weeks just Monday Night EH…..I’m not feeling the “New Generation” as much anymore. I think Big Cass and Baron Corbin are just going through the motions of what a “sports entertainer” is without the charisma so far.  I think WWE is pushing them too hard and they need to grow naturally and on their own.  I’m excited to see the WWE Extreme Rules show in a few weeks, as I think the WWE will step it up at this event. I just hope we get some excitement back on RAW next week. Well that is our RECAP for the week , see you all back next week in the ring. Here are some RAW highlights from the night :


WWE Raw Recap 05/02/16 !!!

WE are back with the WWE RAW Recap for Monday May 2nd 2016. This Monday Night Raw was just EH. Coming off a awesome Payback show I expected more from the WWE. It was just a typical three hour RAW with nothing special happening. I thought they would at least come up with some new story lines coming out of WWE Payback, but not now hopefully with Extreme Rules in a few weeks the WWE can get back to the action. Here are some of the highlights of last night . We will see you back next week, see you in the ring!



WWE RAW Recap 4/25/16 !!!!

The WWE had their PayBack go to show as WWE Payback airs on the WWE network this coming Sunday. The show was just “Ok” for a Monday Night Raw.  I like the build up with the AJ Styles Vs. Roman Reigns, but I hope this isn’t don’t too fast as AJ just started in the WWE. I am excited to see the match, but maybe its too early to get a championship match.  Here are some of the highlights : 

The WWE also had a tribute to Chyna , I think the tribute was pretty cold considering the other WWE tributes that the WWE has done. I know the WWE has had a bad relationship with Chyna, and this seemed like a rush job. Chyna deserved better!

Well, that is all we have for now, WE will be back after WWE PayBack for the recap of the latest PPV show on WWE Network….See you in the ring!



WWE Raw Recap 4/18/16 (Videos)

We are back with our RAW Recap for April 18th 2016. Raw originated from England and it was a good RAW but not great RAW.   

Roman Reigns got attacked by The Bullet Club, but AJ Styles , said he was not involved and did not know about the beat down on Raw. 

This was the best part of Raw last night and I think Gallows & Anderson will turn on Styles, and with Roman Reigns will be the new leader of The Bullet Club…….Time will tell at WWE Payback…..See you again, next week.


WWE Raw Recap!!!! 4/4/16

Heyyyy Nowwwww welcome back to the WWE Raw Recap for Monday night April 4th 2016.  Raw was really good, as it always is good for the night after Wrestlemania. Vince Mchmahon put his son Shane in charge of running Raw for the night. Shane ran Raw awesomely and Raw for the night pretty much became Raw The Next Generation. 

A lot of debuts and returns last night on Raw. Apollo Crews and Enzo and Cash made their WWE Raw debuts last night and with these guys the future looks bright.

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Raw ended with a fatal four way match with Kevin Owens VS. Chris Jericho Vs. AJ Styles Vs. The returning Cesaro. This match was for the number one contender for Roman Reigns title. It was good to see a number one contenders match again in the WWE, its been way to long since they uttered those words in a WWE ring. AJ Styles surprised everybody and won the match. Now we will get AJ  Styles Vs. Roman Reigns. Now my question is who will be the heel??? and will we see The Bullet Club make its debut???? Questions questions questions, hopefully we will learn more in the upcoming weeks. Well I’m out of here…….Here are some more highlights of a fantastic Monday Night Raw :